The IAYO 20th Festival of Youth Orchestras 2015 (senior yops)

Festival Poster CroppedThe YOPs Senior Orchestra have been selected to participate in the Irish Association of Youth Orchestra’s (IAYO)  20th Festival of Youth Orchestras at the National Concert Hall on 7th February 2015.

While this performance will add to our concert and tour commitments, it is a great honour for YOPs to have the opportunity to perform at the National Concert Hall alongside the very best of young Irish musicians including the Irish Youth Wind Ensemble and the National Youth Orchestra of Ireland.

Extra senior YOPs Rehearsals

To ensure the additional repertoire is prepared to the highest standard, extra rehearsals will be needed with the senior YOPs orchestra in December and January:

  • Extra Rehearsal      Sunday 14th   December 2014 –   10am -1pm (CICE Rathmines)
  • Extra Rehearsal      Sunday 25th  January 2015   –  10am -1pm (CICE Rathmines)
  • CONCERT                  Saturday 7th February 2015  – 8.45am (Dress rehearsal at NCH)

ALL senior orchestra members are expected to participate in the festival concert and the extra rehearsals. To keep extra rehearsals to a minimum, orchestra members need to ensure they learn and know their music.


There is a very high demand from participating orchestras for tickets, so it is advisable to book your tickets as soon as possible via the National Concert Hall (, 01 4170000) if you plan to attend.

The final timetable for the 7th February has yet to be finalised by the IAYO. We will update the details here on the YOPs website as soon as they are confirmed.

20th Festival of Youth Orchestras

Please Sign YOPS Rules and Regulations

Because of Child Protection Policies, the IAYO have requested that all members of orchestras taking part in the NCH Concerts have received parental consent  to be included in photographic or audio visual recordings for publicity.

If you have not yet returned a signed copy of YOPS Rules and Regulations (which contains this consent) please pick up and sign a copy at rehearsal on Sunday 9th  November.

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