Code of Behaviour for Children

A code of behaviour helps children and their parents to know exactly what behaviour is and is not acceptable at YOPS.  The code of behaviour will help to create a safe, secure environment and an atmosphere where children will feel that they can confide in the staff and volunteers.

The code of behaviour for children is as follows:

We expect you to:

  • Respect everyone’s rights, dignity and worth
  • Listen to staff
  • Follow instructions given by staff
  • Say NO to someone telling you to do something you feel is wrong
  • Act safely
  • Feel free to talk to staff about your concerns or fears
  • Ask for help against bullies and not to bully others
  • Seek permission from staff to leave the premises
  • Not bring any harmful or illegal substances to YOPs activities
  • Ensure that camera phones are not used in changing rooms or any changing facilities at any YOPS activities

Any child who is deemed to be in breach of this Code of Behaviour for Children may be subject to sanctions, at the discretion of the Music Director.


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