Membership Rules and Regulations

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  1. Players must be available to perform with the orchestra during the year at concerts. Players who miss the rehearsal prior to concerts may not be allowed to perform in that concert.
  2. The annual membership subscription must be paid at the first rehearsal in September each year.
  3. Players must arrive at least 10 minutes before rehearsal is due to start, to unpack and complete tuning, and after rehearsal they must be collected punctually.
  4. Players will be seated within sections on the basis of their ability and attendance. The decision of the conductor will be final on seating. Leaders of each orchestra are appointed by the conductors.
  5. Players are not allowed to leave the premises during rehearsals without the permission of the conductor.
  6. All players will complete an audition to join or to progress to the senior orchestra.
  7. Music stands and music must be brought to every rehearsal.
  8. Parents must ensure that their children’s music instruments are adequately insured and that instruments, bows, cases and stands have the player’s name on them. Players must take care of their own personal items.
  9. Cello players MUST have an appropriate spike holder that secures under the leg of a chair for rehearsals.
  10. Players are expected to be present for the FULL rehearsal.
  11. Where players cannot attend they are required to phone or text a member of staff to inform them in advance. (Kitty 087-2390901)
  12. At home, players are expected to practice the orchestra music given to them.
  13. Where music or music folders are mislaid, damaged or lost there will be a €5 fee to re-issue replacements.
  14. For public performances, players are required to wear their full uniform and where this is not adhered to, players will not be permitted to perform.
  15. Photographs taken during orchestra activities may be used for PR, reports, websites etc. Any parent or player who does not wish their photo to be used must write to the administration at the start of the year.
  16. Chewing gum and the use of mobile phones during rehearsal is not permitted.
  17. It is the parents/guardians responsibility to provide YOPs with their current email and contact details.
  18. Players are required to adhere to the YOPs Code of Behaviour for Children contained in the YOPs Child Protection & Welfare Policy.

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